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Gone are the days when candles were the means of light to remove darkness from homes. Today, they have gained religious and medical significance. If you have any plan of starting a candle business in India, then you are on the right track. With gaining popularity for designer and scented candles in India, you can definitely grow your venture into success.

With various gifting solutions available today, it somewhat becomes difficult to zero in on one.

However, scented and designer candles stand out among others, when it comes to luxuriousness. No matter what the festival or occasion you are celebrating, the designer and scented candles are a rage today.

How to start a candle business

If you are serious about starting a venture in candle business, then the following points will help take the step forward:

• Take a course – The most important thing you must consider is to learn how to make wax candle. You can opt for online or in-person courses.

• Decide the type of candle – The next step is to decide what kind of candle you would like to make. Make sure to do a bit research to understand the kind of candles that are in popularity.

• Make business plan – Tailor a detailed plan for your candle business by gathering information on your target market.

• Find venues – You must find the right platform to sell your candles like e-Commerce stores, fairs, flea market.

• Promote business – Launching a website and promoting your business through social media will help you make your business reach to targeted people.

To wrap up

The scented and designer candles make for excellent corporate gift ideas and as return gifts for occasions like wedding, house warming and festival celebrations. Indeed, it is an adorable gifting solution to show respect and care to your loved ones.

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