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How to make Wax Candles

As many occasions are around the corner and you must be going shopping beautiful gifts for your loved ones.

Who doesn’t love gifts? When it is a gala time, then gifts make an indispensable part of our celebrations. No matter what the occasion is, we make sure to show our gratitude towards our guests by presenting them with beautiful return gifts. It is just a way of saying ‘Thank you’ to them for turning up to be a part of your important celebration.

As you delve into the return gift ideas, you will come across a number of options, which certainly puts you in trouble with selections and the budget. However, Scented candles or designer candles make an excellent gifting solution for your guests, from all the aspects.

Homemade wax candle – A beautiful return gift idea

If you are organizing a small party at home, then you can definitely consider making wax candles at home. Although, dealing with wax is a messy affair, here are the instructions you can follow to make your own wax candles:

• Prepare a work area
• Melt the wax in a double boiler
• Place the wick in the container with a little amount of melted wax at its bottom (For adhering the wick)
• Add fragrance oil into the melted wax. Cool and pour the remaining melted wax into the container
• Allow to cool completely, till it is hard
• Scented candle is ready to be enjoyed

This successfully accomplishes your task of making scented or designer candles at home.

Today, you will get wide options in designer candles at decorative candle stores; however, it may cost you high. With the above-mentioned DIY procedure, you can definitely come up with great stuff at an affordable price, bringing in accolades for your efforts from your near and dear ones.

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